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Kim Lucas Designs  ~ Infused Creativity
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Steampunk...the new "it" thing

Well, it's not super new, just new on my art agenda. I have a handful of Tim Holtz embellishments and a few things like metal duct tape that is easily embossed to look like metal rivets and such.  I made this tag for a private Steampunk swap, but now I am out of gears and must get more. My favorite part was the background and key. The background I used modeling paste to make a raised gear texture then covered it with the metal tape. (hardware store or your husbands workbench if he is not using it!) I always add copper shiny paint to the tag to give it a metal vintage look.  Pressing down over the dried modeling paste created the really cool background texture and the rest is icing. The winged key...super fun and really cool to just glue wings on the back to get this effect. 

Here are some up close pics of the tag. Before I started it was a plain large manilla tag I adore the look of metal from the tape without all the sharp edges of true metal. However the tape does create a rough edge and I did perhaps draw a small amount of blood. 

I have also been making ATC's for swaps. This one was traded to Australia.

I kept this for myself.  My favorite part with this corset ATC was the laced up design on the side from the back of the insane corsets they would wear. 

Also...this fun little lady appeared out of this card.

What's next??? 
How about a pocket letter.  This has been my first really creating in a Steampunk Style which I love of course because it is so industrial. The pocket letter I am in love with.  A new art addiction ..who knew?

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