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Kim Lucas Designs  ~ Infused Creativity
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Monday, May 18, 2015

What's this? What's this?

I love Sally.  I love all things Nightmare Before Christmas.  SO much so, that last halloween when our other options had run out, we decided on this theme for our family halloween costumes. We generally have 2 big parties, a school event, AND trick or treating to get the use out of them. Since my kiddo decided on Oogie Boogie...The costume making began.  His costume was actually made from a burlap curtain from a thrift store, dollar store bugs, hot glue, yarn, and foam to mold the face around. Next was Jack Skellington himself. I tried to pick up a premade costume at the halloween stores, but all of the heads were plastic and melted or discolored..YUCK! So I found a japanese lantern in the most gigantic size I could find and paper mache'd so many layers I didn't count. The mouth actually has a screen for they eyes and wa-lah! Jack's head. The pants and coat again at the thrift store and the tie made from felt, gloves from a halloween store. Now for Sally. Yes, that was me. I didn't want to piece together all the correct parts of her outfit sot I found a remade costume online. It was perfect for the wig and everything else. I only added aqua tights. I found an amazing make up tutorial online and this was how it turned out. SO Sally! 

Now besides costumes being art, I used this in a journal layout which prompted the use of stitches. Sally of course is all in stitches so she worked perfectly! 
Here is how that page turned out. 

May the Nightmare that is Halloween continue! 

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