The traits of Root Chakra personalities are survival and material security. You are rooted in the Earth and in the natural world within the 3D reality around you. You are devoted to personal well being, a comfortable home, stable family, and a secure career. You can exceed as gardeners, builders and crafts people. You are especially gifted at relating to animals. You have a powerful will to live, and a reservoir of life energy. You can achieve your goals due to your tenacious attitude and drive to create a harmonious and secure and stable life!

Challenges that you face are egotism and lack of self-control. You are subject to powerful physical urges which can lead to unhealthy relationships with necessities in life like food, and even develop addictions if you do not exercise will and self-control. Your basic fear is for survival. This can be easily triggered when material needs and desires aren't met.

Negative aspects will manifest strongly when the other Chakras are blocked or weakened. You must also remember to strengthen and care for the root Chakras complementary opposite, the crown Chakra. Your greatest assets are persistence, energy and self confidence.

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