Kim Lucas Designs ~ Infused Creativity

Kim Lucas Designs  ~ Infused Creativity
Mixed Media and Creative Artist & Photographer


Created for the ability to cover the majority of the color to focus on a few spots.

Crumpled tissue paper with mod podge. Layers of color smudged with fingers to get the multi colored look. Angel wings by me <3

Color Smearing and tissue paper texture phase. I just love making it to make it. Very tactile and emotive.

Always see an idea I want to try and forget about it. Tag book..remembered to try it. Love it! Stitched pocket when folded over. Use of random bits and pieces.

Liz Lamereoux ..Inner Excavation. I . LOVE. THIS. BOOK. I highly recommend following her online pages. Her calm messages of self care and being in the moment. Finding quiet and peace for yourself. Being your true you.

Pearl inks and some other colors..random to doodle over with black pen when I need something to not think about anything. 

I love color. Art is everywhere.

Softer side. Didn't know I had one of those. Another exercise in covering color for the effect of focusing on smaller areas.

Mental Chaos.

Grab what you have. Papers, glue, paints, pieces and scraps = I just made this.

My favorite tissue paper effect. I see the work coffee in there, but family twice!

Texture and Color Love

Texture and Color..."I loved"

For the love of color, and tissue paper, and all things creepy.

When I take my time, I can create anything.

Random color to doodle becomes an emerging whale.

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