Kim Lucas Designs ~ Infused Creativity

Kim Lucas Designs  ~ Infused Creativity
Mixed Media and Creative Artist & Photographer

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Creating with No Expectations

One expectation. It will look like an elephant. Instead of following a specific prompt or making a swap in hopes that someone else will appreciate the effort and time, remember to focus on why you make art. What is the reason you create? For others? For yourself? To self express?  I relied on 5 minutes a prepainted journal page with white gesso and watercolor wash. A pencil and onto the page this elephant is born. Scribbled and shaded.  I love him like you'd love a puppy dog. Create with no expectations, just try something new and keep it simple. Sometimes you'll surprise yourself and yield amazing results.
The butterfly zebraphant is a printed out image from online images. (not my work, just an elephant I had glued down to the page spread before adding my sketchy pachyderm.

Am I an Artist?

Yes. The answer is definitely YES! I have been creating artistically whether it be with a paintbrush and canvas, film and camera, or pencil ...