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Kim Lucas Designs  ~ Infused Creativity
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Baking, Baking, Baking and Art. What is that? A lot of fun is what that is. I have been creating things with food for at least 10 years but more importantly at birthdays and special occasions. Sometimes that special is occasion is just to put some yummy chocolate in my mouth!  I grew up with the Wilton Cake pan cakes and little star frostings for the majority of my childhood birthdays. 

Birthdays nowadays still seem to  bring up a theme and for as long as my son has known I can back and do art he has asked for very very very sometimes crazy specific birthday cakes. I always love the challenge and have watched many episodes of the food channels cupcakes wars and bakeoffs. This is a dinosaur I created for his 3rd birthday with some circle cakes. You just cut to whatever shape you want and wah lab! Magic it's a dinosaur! And do you see all the little Wilton frosting stars on this thing???? I melted chocolate in a piping bag..also know as a ziplock with the corner tip cut. I piped out the spike shapes and filled them in, allowing them to cool completely on wax paper and then inserted in the back of the stegosaurs. It was a hit!

Now we have adopted all of dad's old legos from when he was a child. Lego, Lego, Lego, all day Legos.  So of course the child who eat, breathes, and sleeps legos..literally eats (only cake!) wants a lego birthday...Hmmm how can I create a lego minifigure??? Tons of cake, marshmallow fondant, rice krispie treat body (Thankyou food network) some good dowels and a lot of patience.  At the time I probably thought eh, not too bad.   Now I actually love it. SOOOO MUCH CAKE!!!!!

Next birthday we are into jungle and rainforest and all things wild. "Mom, I think I need to have a poison dart frog birthday and a cake that looks like a frog." OOOHHH, I like this challenge and get to it. It's all just carved cake. I bake it from scratch and usually is a pound cake for density. Buttercream chocolate or whatever frosting and some decorating. Not too bad..looks like a FROG! I tell you kids birthdays in our circle are a big production. 

Easy baking..Chocolate cupcakes that are supposed to look like Hershey kisses. I'm not so concerned with perfect looking frosting as great tasting frosting. They don't look like kisses but let me tell you, this will cure your next chocolate craving. Chocolate cupcakes, Chocolate buttercream icing, I use the recipe off Wilton's website, and dipped in chocolate coating (ie. melted chocolate chips)...Yum. They were delicious for dessert, then breakfast, then lunch, then snack, then again the next day..Hey a busy mom doesn't have time to eat...But cupcakes YES! I fully support that stereotype!

Banana Bread and Banana Streusel Bread
...Someday when I own my art studio/21+bar/coffee shop/bakery...Keeping a list of yummies!

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