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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The "Eyes" have it

Why do I think non-stop about art? Why am I so drawn to create? What do I get from drawing and painting? I don't consider art to be an outside source for me.  I feel that my art originates from inside and develops from there. I do get inspiration from colors, nature, others work. It's more of who I am than what I do.  

I was considering making this an ongoing post in which I would add to a cumulative list all the reasons that I am an artist and what I get out of this experience of being myself. So this post will be number 1 on that list. 

I have been creating a lot of mixed media art that is prompted from a group or theme, and sometimes I lose the techniques or skills that I used to strive for. Both have very valid applications. I create in many forms. I originally started in school using every opportunity to draw pictures for presentations and reports. I also liked to draw and that was my focus for a long time. Drawing people was always a challenging, proportion and anatomically correct. After that it was oil painting and ceramics. The extended list includes: stamping, scrapbooking, creating logos, designing and painting wall murals, baking custom cakes, photography, and most recently all the fun things involved in mixed media. Back to my roots. How to draw an eye. 

Sacred Inner Eye Tam Laporte Inspired
So for number 1, and this is pretty important what I get from art is the ability to always grow and see progression in my work. I had drawn a version of Tamara Laporte's Sacred Inner Eye from a free tutorial she once provided. It turned out pretty well. I like that it had color differentiation in the iris.  At that time, about 6 months ago, I thought wow! This is really really good. 

First "layer" before details
I recently started a art therapy journal in which to track my goals and write my plans to get there. In that theme I was also going to create a vision board to keep me aligned with my goals. Instead of a big piece of tagboard and magazine cut outs on my wall, I purchased my 3rd Dyan Reaveley Dylusions large journal. It's an addiction really.  When I think of a vision board, I see the image of and eye or what you see. I intended to use the already created eye. In my growth I have also learned that I need create art in the moment that reflects exactly what I am looking for and not "old" art.  I cannot prep pages and then come back..just not my style. 

I started looking at different eye tutorials online. Remember it's not my strong suit. I have given permission to myself to practice art and create things without judgement. So I really had to pull out my patience and apply it to this project.   I liked different features of different tutorials and ideas. Shading of one, lashes of another.  I picked apart layers in my mind and built up layers and colors of prismacolor premier pencils over my sketched eye. 

                 (On a side note, when I am creating individual parts of the artwork I think, hmmmm, this isn't going well, and in the end I think well ok, I finished it at least. THEN comes the big surprise, when I walk away and come back and look at it all, especially this piece, I am astounded that I had the ability to draw at this technical of a level. It's in there you have to have the desire and intention to find it.)

 I liked this photo I took of the work. I was drawn to the way the flash worked,  it looks like a real eye with wet properties. After staring at the eye staring at me, I feel as if there is a reflection in the pupil of perhaps myself taking this picture.

Comparative pic of WIP. 

This by far is one of my most personally adored pieces. The difference in these two pieces is tremendous. Thinking back to how amazing the first one was and now looking..I am very proud of the progression. 

Supplies I used for this drawing: 
  • Dyan Reaveley Dylusions Journal (large size)
  • Pencil for basic sketch
  • Prismacolor Premier Pencils (by far my favorite for the bendable quality)
  • White gesso/bic white correction pen for hi lights and gloss lines


Thoughts and feedback welcome here!

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