Kim Lucas Designs ~ Infused Creativity

Kim Lucas Designs  ~ Infused Creativity
Mixed Media and Creative Artist & Photographer


I journal and create in bright colors, or It's dark and deep. There is no in between as far as colors. I can try all I want but it doesn't express me 100%.

This is my dark journal. Sometimes I want to create something macabre, play off of something from American Horror Story, or express and dark feeling with a disturbing picture. Either way, it doesn't find it's rightful place in my DLP or other journals.

The bias tape/thread "stitches" are glued down and rough textured on the cover. The skull is a copy of a drawing I have on my bulletin board I drew a couple of years ago. 

I started this journal in a book from the thrift store that I picked up. It is a hard cover photography encyclopedia type book. I has nice partially glossy pages, tons of black and white and old photography to play off of and a hard cover that was easy to alter.

This many not be for everyone. (That is my warning here :) )

Goth Girl Character 2014

Dark Angel printout from American Horror Story brought into focus with white gesso and dripped paint. 2014

Straight Jacket and being trapped. 2014 (in the dark)

 This is the complete page layout. I made the floor tiles come out to the background page to feel like I was going down an unknown tunnel.

American Horror Story
Anatomy fascinates me. 2014
Literal 2014.

 Color in a dark book. The pages smear paint fabulously.

the "MAD" hatter. 2014

White gesso drips with delusions spray. Dark and Emotional. 2014

 Right side to spread. "Destructing...(under the sewn flap) ..from the inside." 2014

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