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Kim Lucas Designs  ~ Infused Creativity
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Are you ready for zetti? And what exactly is it? When I first started creating mixed media I was intrigued by the styles of many artists. Some of my favorite characteristics of an artists style are unusual creations, textures and layers, bright colors, and grunge looking art. When I started researching this I found that Zetti, or Zettiology is a fairly new style of art created by Teesha and Tracy Moore.

Common characteristics include such things as striped legs, shapes for bodies, bright vivid colors, found images, objects and paper, lots of pointy hats, wings, one-eye or two different, doodled embellished collage art.  The fun part for me is that when you cut out random pictures from magazines and start putting them together, you never know what direction it will take.  There is no wrong way to create them, they are all unique and I end up loving every single one. Easiest most "unscripted" creations to date.  My first ever attempt at zetti was sent in a swap to a partner. I have those pictures in some computer file somewhere.  My first zetti I started in my "collection" was this little lady cut out of random patterned magazine pages.  I added weird bright hair and big eyes...Wa la!

I was never overly joyed by the pointy hat trend of zetti so I tend to use other head adornments. As with any other phase I go through, I got really into these in my own style. I started using one journal and started creating many of these characters. Some with words and some without. I have since moved away from the trend, but find myself coming back to it in smaller form of zetti mixed media ATC's. 
 I had just prepped ATC's with some under papers and text pages. The one stuck out with the word lunatic. I had to make a crazy eyed lady with big lips and swiped on red paint like the lunatic that might apply her lipstick in a big round motion going outside all of the lines. 

 Partial zetti Marilyn

 I was going for all the color I could smoosh into one page. I really liked getting the black and white lines effect here, but in the form of dots and circles and swirls. This was the first quote I ever added to it to.  Some of the best colorful magazine pieces are from make up ads like lipsticks, nail polishes, and eye shadows. Besides a black sharpie I also love using the white out pen.  However, sometimes a little too much comes out, but no worries, just another creative piece added to the page. Imperfection is the perfect way to approach zetti art.

So this one, while it's colorful and fun makes me laugh because  it looks like she is rebelling towards something grabbing her crotch and rocking out! I turned lips into a hat, and my favorite one-eye.  For the backgrounds I pre-make them so they are ready to go. I usually use two analogous colors kind of blended from a dark outline to and inner lighter color. It gives good contrast and depth to the finished creation.

Art Fairy..I love the bright colors and random pieces that you can put together to create something completely new and exciting.

More zetti. This time I focused on adding words. I like outlining things with white dots as well. Also it's very effective to draw multiple sizes of black circles on a solid color paper. Each one is so unique. I always make the eyes pop with painting white out on the whites. 

This is the last one in my book before I was intrigued with a new art technique. I had this shoe cut out with the leg of tattoos, and all I could think of was the movie "A Christmas Story". I used the leg to create the infamous lamp but it wasn't quite the right leg. It's actually a mans arm holding the woman shoe like he was a waiter carrying a fancy platter at a swanky business party in some fancy mansion. Anyways. I used wash on this and some stickers as well. I used a small piece of happy mail on this one and I loved giving her a beak. Creating a human animal hybrid is really comical and fun. Art with no rules. Try it!

Zetti ATC Swap 2015

Poe Zetti..because Why not??

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