Kim Lucas Designs ~ Infused Creativity

Kim Lucas Designs  ~ Infused Creativity
Mixed Media and Creative Artist & Photographer


Mad Hatter Completed 7/6/2016

"I HATE YOU" - a gift to myself. Completed 7/3/2016

Completed 7/2016 Journal Page - Texture surreal idea of dandelions 

Peacock- Original Drawing in Journal from my own photograph at the Woodland Park Zoo - WIP 7 2016

I would love to share some of my art with you. 

Here are 3!  Free to use in your own creatively inspired art, background images I have created from my original hand-made art. Use as backgrounds, use as stickers, art strips, whatever you decide.  Just drag and drop the photo or right click and save! 

...And you're welcome.  Be inspired to create something today!

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