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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Where did my summer go?

Vision leave white design or color it?
Good thing I don't write this blog as a job, because I'd be the worst employee of the month! Finding time to create art in between so many trips is exhausting. I always pack a to go back with a ton of supplies thinking I'm going to make something on this trip..write, paint, sketch, something...but nope. That bag just sits untouched between the hikes and boating, meals, family games, exploring, keeping track of the kid and a dog,  and finally just being too tired to actually lift a creative bone in my body.  I have been focusing more on my photography as an art form in these situations. I have also decided to create a vision journal. Besides the regularly prompted journals, and my free to create journal, this is meant to be a vision board, a place to set goals and track accomplishments. Not a planner, but a place to inspiration as it hits me and to be able to follow through with what makes me happy in life. I have been creating at random. First to share the journal I chose for this new direction in art and self acceptance. It truly is a healing process and freeing to be in this space.

Two things I have learned about myself in this journey of self truth. First, I doubt myself and second, I look to seek approval for just about everything. I don't need approval, I am fine just the way I am and capable of making decisions and choices without having to worry about every single detail or what others will think. Apparently this stems from always having to strive to be better and "why isn't that an "A"? mentality.  I am an adult, why is it that I have now realized this?  Sometimes the most obvious and simple things can become burdensome and difficult to accept.

 Theses are just a couple of the fun pieces I was inspired by on our vacation at Long Beach, Wa this year. We have been going every year since 1998, missing maybe 2 years for a break, and having a baby.
I loved all of the jewelry and gears pieces in this little shop. They sold individual scrabble tiles, so I chose my word for the year "connect". Also I ran across the flying pig. If I ever see on, he or she better be as colorful as this fun little guy!

This is one of of our favorite places to visit is actually in Oregon near Astoria in Warrenton. This is what is left of a old shipwreck on the beach. It is great for photo backgrounds, and I love exploring all of the rusty bits and pieces, barnacles, layers of stories it shares. This was our 2nd or 3rd time there. 

The rest of the photos below are creative shots I took of things at the beach or around the area we stayed.  The bird picture was a quick point focus shoot and hope for the best. It is one of my favorite from this trip because of the instant moment in which it was captured. 

Patterns are everywhere in nature.
Not upside down, the reflection in the ocean.

I made my husband stop on the side of the road so I could shoot this amazing bridge. 

I like to think this is a magical path into nature. I did stand in the middle of the road to take it.

Something magical about old carnival rides that look abandoned.

Merri-go-round. Still working. I have a thing for this as an art form with motion and color. They seem mysterious.

Carnival horse.

Nature. I love these details and color.

A picture in town.

Pow! and bokeh.

Our cabin. Boardwalk Cottages, Long Beach, Wa EVERY year!


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