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Kim Lucas Designs  ~ Infused Creativity
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Kim Lucas the Artist behind the Art

I am driven by art and my art is a direct expression of myself.  I have been working on many projects in my art studio, and one of the projects includes myself.  I feel deprived of the ability to breathe without creating for awhile, so I make it a priority to draw, paint, create, design, photograph, every day. If I only get to smear a few colors of paint on a layout I am good with that.  I don't look forward to weekends generally because I have no sense of the Monday through Friday grind aside form dropping my kiddo off at school and picking him up every day.

I do enjoy wearing my hoodies and jeans. I am not very creative in the wardrobe section of my life.  I have been creating some really fun pieces lately to include a collaged mason jar with some of my favorite ink/gelato/stencil marked papers.  I have given myself the opportunity to really sit and work with a piece instead of run right through with whatever time I can squeeze in.  I recently created a painted octopus on a large canson mixed media pad. I added so many layers, and for my love of the creatures I have never painted one. So after a few days and lots of details I can sit back and think "wow" I created this.  Enjoy my creation and be happy with alone time spent on me.

*(coffee, as seen every day..I tried to quit today with the sugared espresso's but that was just silly!)

We live near the puget sound and have local access within  15 minutes of our house.  I have been out with my camera on a few occasions taking in the beauty of nature as our weather has been unseasonably warm, but very welcomed. I am always in awe of the clarity I fee after spending time with art in nature.

 Again with the coffee I know. I am pretty proud that I have cut out the unreliable, mundane certain box store coffee chain in the area.  I can whip up a treat at home in 3 minutes and it's probably got 8 full ounces of espresso in it. I love having a new flavor when the mood strikes.
Being so close to Seattle, just a 20-60 minute drive depending on the traffic...(not kidding), I have taken my camera out there as well. I can never have too many shots of the Space Needle. This is one of my favorites I took on a night trip to the city.  My other favorites there include the Chihuly Glass Garden, the EMP building..(beautiful architecture and colors) AND the Key Arena where I have seen LMFAO..and my faves..Imagine Dragons.

My husband took this on his phone and I love it. Most of the time, I am the one taking the picture but this display of glass art is phenomenal. The Tacoma train station featuring Chihuly as well is beautiful along with the bridge...( I have pictures to post later). This was a  date night with fabulous art.
One of my favorite shots of the night is the reflection of the Space Needle in this Chihuly orb of glass.
I am grateful to my husband who knows and supports my hobby. Sometimes I have to put the camera down to focus on my family. I loved shooting the art in this location because Chihuly is such an amazing artist in his medium. 

Again with the photography, it is the one thing that really gets me out into nature.  I adore my macro lens and captured this little bug at another of my favorite beaches in Edmonds.  I am more an artist in all avenues of my life. Everything is art. Life is art. Art imitates life for sure.  Beyond the paint brush, the mixed media, and projects as such, the project I am working on at the moment is me.  I am inspired by all of these forms of art and they keep me afloat, but I am a writer, I am a dreamer, I am a student and all at the same time these things are trying to find their place in a happy harmony within my chaotic machine of a brain.  
So with this art, I am moving slightly more towards self growth and discovery and away from the "challenges" or prompts of others, that while are a fun diversion, cloud the real and important pieces of my life that deserve the most attention. Simply me.

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