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Kim Lucas Designs  ~ Infused Creativity
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Collage off the Page

Collage off the page and onto a Mason Jar. Did you know that Trader Joe's Spaghetti Sauce is actually packaged in Mason Jars??? I did not! I love all their jars from jam, bruschetta, spaghetti, and lemon curd. I contain all sorts of art supplies from brushes to ribbon in these cleaned jars. I love the colors teal/blue/purple together and was inspired by the early Lifebook lesson jars. I wanted to make one of my own and it took awhile to get there. The clock on the front is from a 12x12 scrapbook sheet of vintage clocks.
As I rotate the jar this is the next image. I used iridescent medium to stencil in a gear stencil I purchased from Michaels. Some stencils are thick and sturdy and work with anything and some are thin as heck and need to be blotted with a sponge. That is the case with these, although I held it down securely and scraped over it with a palette knife with above mentioned medium on top of the blue and purple paint over matte medium. I am liking how this is turning out. 

Another turn incorporates this yellow pink stenciled piece from a Juile Fei-Fen Balzer stencil of a girls head with script. I placed it over some purple blue background stenciled with a circle stencil in varied greens. 
This is my favorite pattern I discovered by mistake. I had used gelatos on a stencil (circles from Jo Ann Fabrics) because I wanted to try it out and not have to worry about cleaning it before leaving it. (I am the worst at cleaning brushes..I will buy more since they all dry up). I had forgotten that the gelato was on the stencil so when I tried out my new Dylusions ink sprays...I pressed the stencil down then smeared over it, the ink placed itself on the outside and the gelato created these magical glistening circles. I hung this piece of under paper on my bulletin board for the longest time and wanted to use it in something that I could see all the time. Perfect, this was it!

And back the the clock image on the front. This jar creation was something new of mixed media that I had never created before and have no real "purpose" for.  When does art have to have a "purpose" if you are creating organically from your heart? This is that piece and if I ever find a true purpose besides looking really awesome as a piece in my art studio...I will let you know :)

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