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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Art ... What Happens During My Week?

I have to create some kind of art every day. I have to draw or paint or journal or something. I feel anxious when I don't have that internal peace from creating. This is a small sample of the items I have worked on this week. I am enjoying trying new things, using my sewing machine and I haven't been to the craft store in a month or more. I use whatever I have and amazingly I don't think I will run out any time soon!                                             

These are a set of tags I made based on my "one word" for this year. I chose the word "connect". I have been floating around it life for awhile now and recently found a happy place for myself.  In choosing "connect" I was thinking about connecting to different things now that my life was starting to make more sense. I wanted to connect with Art which I have in ways from online groups to creating in a way I haven't been so free in a long time. I used Dylusions ink sprays on white gessoed black yardstick. Then for the colorful painted bubble prints, mini mandalas created on under paper, beads, some stamped letters and finally a colored backing sewn on with colorful thread. SO much fun. I am such a vibrant color addict and this vivid array just makes me happy! 

This weeks DLP prompt was to use under paper and the journal prompt "what lies beneath". These two sides are large under papers I have had on my wall as art. I couldn't cut them up because I loved the colors so much. They worked perfect for this prompt which now leaves me an entire week to create freely since it's done! I will journal and write and doodle in it but I didn't want to cover any of the colors with other papers. 

My love for and Tamara Laporte is inspiring me in new ways. I am not doing the LB2015, but I am following the style and projects I see from others. I do like that I am not following the class because I always want to make it my own. Seeing and idea and working it out for myself is so rewarding. I used to be horrible at drawing noses but I love how they have come along. I still make very large eyes sometimes, but what do they say "Eyes are the windows to the soul?" Well mine is big and needs a lot of space to get out into my art! :)

This girl is my favorite and I LOVE her hair. I think I may do that to my own in the near future. I am using a smaller lined journal from Office Depot because I love the size and thinner pages. It's still a good almost 8x10, but not as big as the Dylusions journal. I LOVE the lines to write on and to create whenever I want, not just the prompt and done for the week. I do have a gajillion other journals and projects, I don't and can't ever see myself limited to just one. 

My take on a beacon of light or art guardian. Again learning faces that are proportionate as well as whimsical. I love using gelatoes to make faces and blend colors. They are FANTASTIC for this purpose.  They don't dry like paint so if I don't like the thickness or color I wipe away until I achieve the colors I want. I also love to use my Gold glittery paint watered down so you can see through it but get a shimmer over the entire piece I want covered. WIP of course!

This last project for the week I made during the first few days. I was expanding on the color wheel theme. I smeared bright random colors on a Strathmore Visual Journal, which are one of my favorite journals to work on. I discovered that wiping white gesso over the colored circles pulling color to the outside allows the circles to appear as bubbles. The butterfly on this page is one I created and have not been able to stop. I stamped harlequin diamonds on paper and cut tall skinny hearts. I then stamp the large butterfly on another brightly colored paper. Cut the butterfly in half. I sewed around the edge of the heart with a straight stitch and then glued the wings to the back. These are a favorite to make but I haven't figured out the best use for them yet. Doesn't matter it's art. It's just cool!

It's been a fun week and its still only Saturday!

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