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Saturday, February 7, 2015

ATC's Zetti Style

I went through a zetti phase about a month ago. I really got into it and had fun creating randomly cut out people animal crazy hybrids.  As that faded, I got back into the ATC's.  Sometimes I make art to trade, sometimes I make it for me and sometimes its really just goofing around to see what I can come up with.

I decided to merge the two art forms together. I had some pre prepped cards with text paper and paint ready to go. When they were just the colors I contemplated leaving them as a 13 piece art display to put in a frame... I couldn't leave them alone, so that that was never going to happen. I did take a picture so it could be a print.

After all of the layers of the ATC's, they actually became the center pieces of my DLP week 6, "When not to stop" theme.  The page prep was fun and I will share that on my DLP page. SO many layers of color and fun. But then..more layers and textures with a variety of my little zetti creations. Finally a way to use them! I had a few extra so I made a pocket and keep them in there. 

Here are the zetti ATC's as just a group of cards I made.  Hope you enjoy!  You can also check out more of my zetti attempts on my "What the zetti is that?" page of this blog. 

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