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Sunday, February 8, 2015

When NOT to stop

This weeks DLP was an interesting challenge. "When NOT to stop". I aways have a hard time knowing when to stop, but sometimes it's just as simple as "I can't think of anything else that I want on this page".

This is the page I started yesterday for this prompt. I have a hard time stopping a creation once I start it.

Blended Gelatos ..not a typical color pallet for me, but I love it!

White gesso 

Stamped numbers

Added washi tapes and doodles

Added text tissues, embossed stamp, scraped paint and gesso

Zetti ATC's I just made that work perfectly with this project

My "finished" (at this point) "When not to stop" Layout

Here is the list of layers that went into making this page, which by far it my favorite so far. (I think I say that every week).

  1. Gesso - White Liquitex 
  2. Gelatos- Scribbled 4-5 colors in random spots, blended with a baby wipe
  3. Clear Gesso- Liquitex  spread with a gift card (some smearing of gelato, but so minimal that it is worth it to have the ability to write and have things added on top of them)
  4. Gesso - White Liquitex smeared over some areas to lighten the bright gelato
  5. Stamp - Clear number stamps left on the plastic as it came from the store (purple ink)
  6. White gel pen - scribbles
  7. Black writing pen -outlined the shape of a playing card with a scribble border
  8. Washi tapes in random places
  9. Stabilo marks all pencil - shadows
  10. Acrylic paint - blue and purple scraped with a putty knife
  11. Gesso - White Liquitex scraped with the same putty knife
  12. More wash tape  - film strips thick
  13. Gelatos- blended in washi tapes
  14. Mod Podge Text tissue paper 
  15. Mod Podge Music tissue paper
  16. Stayz on black ink around edges of the pages
  17. White gesso 
  18. Emboss "Think Happy, be happy" Stamp
  19. Under paper pocket
  20. Stitching on pocket
  21. White out pen embellishments
  22. Black stabilo around a scalloped cut stencil
  23. White out pen dots
  24. Add Zetti ATC's
I could be done but I think there is more room for words and or doodles. Even with all of these layers I feel like I could add more, which is odd because I hardly ever add these many layers. I have to say I really enjoyed making this layout. 

I was working on these ATC's as a random idea and had no real "use" other than creating for them.  SO imagine my "aha" moment when the layers of my ATC's on top of my layers of the page came into play..Layers on layers...really there is no stopping this girl!

Here is a mock up of what I might do with adding more layers. The white paper would not be part of the layout. I would simply drawn the words with black ink and white hi lights. We'll see..clearly I am not done :)
This is one version of words I might add
Version 2 of word options

Hope you enjoyed this post :)

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