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Kim Lucas Designs  ~ Infused Creativity
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Connect...My "one" Word

I was happily coerced into joining a 12 person tag swap. The idea was to take our one word of the year..our focus and make 12 tags with our word. Stumped I connected what I created in my journal to the tags I was going to make for this swap. I used my word connect and made mini mandalas on under paper which I sewed onto each tag.

The background is gesso, delusions spray inks wiped with paper towel, bubble wrap with the bright pink, orange, blue, green and purple colors, and a swipe of white gesso with my word connect stamped on top. My tags were flimsy as one layer so I decided to add the little bead string embellishments (held on by tape in the back) and used a different color thread to sew a zig zag stitch to the bright background paper.

I had so much fun creating these. In choosing the word connect, I tied it to many things. Connect with  art, community, nature, myself, my family, and friends. I have captured the essence in this connection through this tag swap. Full Circle.

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