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Monday, January 26, 2015

In the Art Room...(Newly Renamed)..My Art Sanctuary

Creative Space. Ideas can strike at any place and time, but as an avid life-time creator and artist I have so many supplies, and I'm sure many can relate, that I need an entire room to house it all.  Organize it, not so much, but I do try to make things work smoothly for me to create.

It has taken years and time to come up with systems that works for me in creating a harmonious space. I always aspired to the all white, lined up, labeled, stacked, perfectly clean room..(Insert snicker and laugh here). Hello reality!! It doesn't have to be pretty, but it does have to be usable. I do like to combine some of the two where I can and that is what I have created to be My Art Sanctuary.

When I step into the room I am transported out of my "house" and into my creative space. I am immediately happy and no matter what I make, create, do, organize or stand there looking at .. I am completely content. We all deserve a space like that and need it.

Left if the door
Heading into the cove
Welcome to my Art Sanctuary. Do not take off your shoes first, you should already be in your fleece jammie pants, hoodie, and either barefoot or bring your slippers. You also have no need for make up, nice hair or a shower for that matter. Don't worry we don't smell, we are clean, just not made up to be at the Emmy's red carpet. My carpet is green by the way. It came with the house that color and I felt no need to change it as I welcome
paint drips, glitter spills and paper scraps on the floor.

The cove.
Around the wall, my desk and bulletin board
The wall to the right of the door. Yes I painted the chevrons.

I did not clean up to take these pictures because guess what?? This is where my stuff is almost 100% of the time!

This is my typical view when I am working on projects. I work a lot standing up and have my supplies on the tables on both sides of me. All of my pens are sorted into old Trader Joe's jelly jars. I have one for white pens, black pens, scissors, colored pencils and some randoms.
I like to display work I've done on my bulletin board before it's hidden in my drawers or journals forever. I have been an art docent in the past years for younger kids and always have a blast with those projects.

I have the never ending pile of paper scraps. Painted and designs and colored, you name it. I used to store by type or color but that was too much work to maintain and keep useful. For Christmas I received the wide 4 drawer organizer below. Large wide drawers are PERFECT for paper.

I also keep the middle drawer now for Happy Mail and specific scraps or pieces that I want to use. Right now they are in folded over page protectors, but I need to find a short box to sort them in so they are open to grab. I like this though because it is all in one place and I can easily see things by type.
Washi tape hung on a curtain rod across the length of the bulletin board. Sadly I have more that what is hanging so it is not "really" all in the same place.
The stencils are easily accessible as well on a picture hanging hook. I also hang my liquitex paints up for easy use and storage. More on the wall = more table to create!

On the desk..LABEL MAKER for Christmas as well! If it's labeled it has a permanent spot!

I picked up this most awesome dresser on Craigslist for $25! It was already this color and all of the drawers open and close smoothly. The main idea was more counter type work space..WELL that lasted for a few days. Now it houses a lot of my teaching art materials, my circuit and all the cartridges and is perfect for my sewing machine because I have all the the supplies and tools in the drawer directly below it! (also scored on craigslist $35!)

Well that's about all the fun stuff in my art room, a little about how I store things and where I spend my time creating.  

Thanks for stopping by! Back to making more art.

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home." ~Twyla Tharp

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