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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Feather Texture Technique - YouTube Video

 Feather Textures can be drawn on top of any paint or medium with a pencil, pen or other writing utensil. To have your work evoke the feel of a real feather, add texture while the paint is wet. Check out how I do this in my new video "Feather Texture Technique"

This tag is a sample of the way a feather can look with this technique. I do not actually make this tag in the video. The video is a byproduct of this tag.   Up close I do add the black with a stabilo marks all pencil.  I do this to fill in the grooves of dry paint for depth. Enjoy!

I wanted to add a little more depth to this post for you to really see the finished idea of this feather texture. 
Feather stencil (it is originally light blue but this is just a loved one). I have three colors of paint above: turquoise, metallic purple, and plain old white paint.

I used the paint over the stencils creating the etched lines as in the video to show the spine and little details of the feather itself. This dries raised with depth and texture. 

The magic is in the stabilo marks-all pencil, or watercolor pencil if that's what you have available. Think creatively! Draw with the pencil around the main feather in a jagged fashion and coming in on some of the feather sides. Also give depth to the feather spine with a line of stabilo right down the middle.

Feather on the left: stabilo has been drawn over with a wet water paint brush. Nice thing here is the shading gets into the details. Pull single lines from he outer edge to the center in random places. If there is too much black shading for you, use a wet brush or baby wipe to pull it up. The feather on the right is pre-wetted stabilo.

This is how colorful and fabulous feathers become when they are all done and cut out. Just a hint of color behind and through so they aren't flat and shading. I feel like they are "fluffy" when I look at them and want to just touch them!  Hope you enjoyed this and are inspired by creativity!

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