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Kim Lucas Designs  ~ Infused Creativity
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Intuitive Art - What Comes Out When I'm Not Trying

I like to work on large surfaces so my boundaries seem limitless. While it's not a wall size canvas this is "big" for my purposes. Metallic vintage rose wrapping paper, gold polk a dot washi tape, metallic acrylic paints and dripped inks. 

Cut out magazine girl meets gesso and some glitter paint. 
This cardboard template was for the pages of my planner, it became a piece of art in itself.

Watercolor is my weakest form art artistic expression. Watercolor paper and purple watercolor paints with a little help from a mauve acrylic. Holding the end of the brush quite loosely, this angel girl appeared and presented herself to me. 

Acrylic smears on a page for a rainy day of doodling. 

Altered CD. Just smearing colors for the background and these impressionistic tulips bloomed.

Back to the doodling board and pastels. Feathers were made with a stencil and I discovered etching the details with the  back of my brush to give them a realistic texture/look.

Creating textured square marked backgrounds. Sometimes with fingers, this one with a brush. Green.

Large mixed media pad pastels and collage. Attempt with neon Sharpies.  I'm not a fan.

My photograph. A ripped page of a National Geographic. "Quit eye'n my coffee". - Bitch

 Small scale wings with under paper.

I collaged and altered the cover of an old SINGER sewing book. I was simply making a background page and starting the idea of a girl. I was going to paint and color and shade her. After making the black marks for eyes and feature placement. This girl just came out of me. I don't know how or why. It is a complete 360 from my self-imposed style. She is by far one of my favorites in her simplicity. I heart her.

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