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Friday, June 10, 2016

Quit Trying So Hard

Art is everywhere. And also, I have been ignoring my art room which is my sanctuary and happy space. Why the avoidance? Believe me, it is not intentional on my behalf. Between the end of the school year of a 10 year old, family camping trips, nice weather to ignore the house and be outside, and the tiring repetition of prompts or theme ideas I get set in my mind that I have to create I went for it last night.  

I grabbed my Dylusion's journal, (one of 4 I own), and am finishing up the last 3-4 pages that barely open in the back of the book. Here's where I changed my thoughts. No plan. Just do something. 

Here's what I did: 

1. Grab a random handful of painted papers from the large bucket you keep around because you cannot throw them away and just HAVE to have them

2. Grab the small pack of neo-color II's. It's six or eight basic colors, not a treasure box of too many choices. 

3. Glue down random tears from the painted papers with mod-podge.  (Top right with splatters piece, backwards mood on the far left that turned into a flower, the reddish strips (x2) and the large dome at the bottom middle)

4. Color vigorously scribbled net-color II's in random places. Wet a small pointed (not too small) paintbrush and spread them around to blend. 

*I like to be liberal with my mod-podge. When it dries it is just like a resist so I don't know where it will show up but adds fun interest.*

5. Cut out a sketch drawn weird creature girl with umbrella hat, skirt and curly hair from ledger paper and glue down. 

6. Paint her with neo color II's. Draw them on where you want and wet them. Add a zetti style large magazine eye cut out. 

7. There are some white gesso dots here and there and wash over blended colors in her clothes. 

8. I used the black net-color II for the shading  and dripped 2 lines down with water and black for her legs. 

9. A little drying later and added black and white pen for details. (Oh, red and orange Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic for jellyfish umbrella stinger tentacles) 

When I was done I didn't like it as in I didn't have a finished feeling about it, but the next morning. I LOVE all of the bright colors. That is my artistic M.O.  

Final thought: Raining under the water. Does it rain underwater? Good thing this creature mermaid one eyed curly hair girl thing has an octopus tentacle and jellyfish umbrella to keep her 

Do it for fun. Quit trying so hard. 

On the same note of not trying. I found Uni-ball Signo Impact 207  (1mm) black pens to draw with are the most fluid fun black pens. Not sure if they are permanent, but for this randomness I'm not particularly caring. 

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