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Friday, June 10, 2016

Art is Everywhere

 Art is Everywhere. Truly. One of my very favorite journal pages ever is one that I made recently. I enjoy altering images just as much as an original all out creation. I was really intrigued but this lady on my QFC shopping bag. She had a cup of coffee. That's all it took. I cut it out to save for awhile and that while was not very long.

I originally liked her features and turned head and fully intended to gesso over it all and create my own look over the top. Nope. Because art has no rules, I did not do that.

For this 2-page layout, I cut out her profile with the coffee mug in hand and added it to the far left side of the pages. Instead of fully losing all of her features I used a loose paint brush and gesso wash and outlined the features. Then I just left it and so glad I did. I emphasized the cup and painted gesso over it as well.

Here's the process after that:
1. I had a very tattered crumpled piece of tissue paper I layed out and mod-podged to my page.

2. Brushed light blue acrylic paints in various shades and over the top of the tissue paper.

3. Tissue paper became a wing because it took that shape.

4. Added dark blue translucent paint to the edges in single brush marks for the "spot" painted look without being circles. (This is one of my very favorite techniques right now)

5. Blended blue and purple paints defining the coffee cup and smearing over the textured tissue paper. (When you let the layer dry between each other on the tissue it develops depth between the wrinkled crevices). Also on the upper right page you will see a brush pattern from swishing the brush back and forth like a princess wave.

6. Defined the wing feathers with gesso. I also added a few dabs of gesso with the paintbrush as the "spots" around the edges.

The page had some original plan but I don't know what it is. I will write notes and ideas on blank pages and then later paint over them when they no longer serve a purpose.

I think that's about the most of it. I love using packaging with interesting images. I don't just use grocery bags, but coffee bags are some of my favorite especially Trader Joe's with the vintage people on them.  Here is a look up close.

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