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Kim Lucas Designs  ~ Infused Creativity
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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Recent Pages

Just a couple of pages I was working on. The first one I call, "my kid was being a brat about getting his hair cut, so I went to my art room and made this". I used reds and oranges that I typically wouldn't. I saw the color scheme in another post and decided I needed to try it out. Very organic creation with this one. The second one is a using a stamp I made as a custom element. You can check out more at DLP prompt for a custom element which talks more about this page. This was a simple 2 sided block stamp in a box kit from Dick Blick. The face is carved on one side and the hat on the other. I like to think they have a zetti girl feel to it. I've tried coloring the image but prefer it as a one color statement. This page also uses happy mail postcard pieces from an abstract postcard swap. The colors really popped and I was going to mimic them with the blue circles but started adding other fun elements. Out of my normal box, and I LOVE it!

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