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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Art for Fun!

Art is supposed to be fun.  Sometimes it becomes less fun when you try to create a specific thing or put limitations or expectations on it.  I participate in different challenges throughout the week and they usually don't take very long. I'm a quick artist. What I mean by this is that I want to start and finish a piece in the same sitting..which could range from 20 minutes to an hour.  I don't wait for paint, mod podge, or modeling paste to dry. That is what my embossing gun is for.

Also..Coffee is an art in 2 forms. Photography and the creating of a perfectly steamed milk and coffee syrup to shots ratio. My favorite and pictured to the side is a triple white chocolate gingerbread mocha affogatto. (2 shots in the coffee, one floated on top of the foamy milk) This was my morning and I LOVED it!

Once upon a time I would start out drawing what I wanted to see accomplished on the page. That was good for a purpose of following form and function, but as I have grown as an artist and embrace the mixed media style of art a few squirts of paint and a smear here and a scrape there, I'm ready to go.

I have a multitude of journals. Too many to count and types to mention. I do have a journal that I have dubbed my "trial and error" no mistakes journal. It is a Dylusions large journal which I have come to LOVE!! This is the start and progression of my creative random creating for fun. I am a doodler..I doodle on the phone, I doodle in my notes, I doodle on everything.

Pretty simple background of roughly painted colors and shapes. I did use white gesso to soften some of the middle colors, but that did not last for long!

So, doodling ensued and I am loving the use of black and white on color. I use a sakura gelli roll white pen, along with my new favorite black permanent writes on everything Needletip 0.5mm ball Energel Liquid Gel Ink Pentel pen.  (I included any and all descriptions of the pen so if you want you can check it out.

This is my first and favorite doodle on the whole entire page.  I want to turn it into a stamp but I'm not sure how yet. 

This is my 2nd favorite doodle on the page..the white in the center of the pink..Not a flower, but just randomly created doodle. Also prime candidate for a stamp should I find enough patience to slowly cut one out. 

Last but not least..This is a tag I was inspired to make after finding an interesting pinterest pin..Imagine that...something interesting on pinterest. 

Here is the original blog and the artist (giving credit!! where credit is due!!) that was discovered through pinterest. 

If you want to check out my pinterest is that link as well:

So art is absolutely fun and exciting and not always about the challenge provided by others, but the fun challenge of creating something from nothing with no original direction. The tag yes, but the Doodled journal page..just to play for fun..AND it's not done. I'm still playing with in and don't know if it will every truly be done. Just pure fun!

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