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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Little Self Doubt Turns into A FABULOUS Project!

In my previous post I was ruminating about an elementary art project and how I would tie the art lesson into the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Well, I did. I taught this lesson to two different 5th grade advanced students throughout the period of one full day.

The Right to Freedom. Freedom to create art, freedom to express ourselves, freedom to choose colors and techniques in "Making our Mark"

Each student was allowed to make their own color palette and many chose upwards of 5-6 colors each. No-one shared palettes or colors or had to share "mixed-up" colors. It was FABULOUS. They cut out the silhouette profile picture I had take the previous Friday and used it as a mask over their colorful marks. This mask was painted over with thinned white gesso and the results were outstanding. The final touch was writing their personal mission statement, or finishing the sentence "I'm making my mark in the world through..".  Two students, one of them being my son, chose to exercise their rights and write nothing at all, letting the art speak for itself. Check out all of these amazing pieces below.

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