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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Art Docent High Personal Expectations and Blocks

Alright. This never happens and I can usually pull something out of nowhere pretty easy, but I'm choking on an art docent lesson. It's the first time for my son's teacher this year and we have roughly 45 minutes. 2 classes, but 45 min each. ANYHOW..she wants to tie to curriculum but then kind of dropped that idea when I asked about it later on. So it's this Friday. I wanted to do altered pizza boxes because we have a company that will give the shirt off their back to our school and would have donated, but they just donated 35 pizzas for the halloween party and donated huge to our fund run..45 empty pizza boxes is a no go. ...I am posting pictures of what I came up with that ties into "our voice" and rights, and individualism..."Making your mark". which ties into the art concept of mark making. 1) paint a paper with whatever colors and mark making tool you want (individualizes it) 2) cut out your picture and place in the middle 3) gesso the edges then the rest of the paper with one light layer to keep some color. 4) shade around the silhouette, and write "making my mark in the world through ________" (obviously I chose art) 5) entangle doodles in black ink around it. 
The pictures are a couple of versions. I would matte them on black paper. 5th grade advanced studies class...what do you/your same aged children think? Thanks for helping out..I'm freaking out..thats not normal. Funny side note I laid out my example pictures and they look cool as a multiplicity project 

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