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Kim Lucas Designs  ~ Infused Creativity
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Monday, December 21, 2015

2016 The year of the Artist

I have ignored my blog and thus my creative self for the entire length of fall. Being three months from September to December.  Why did I do this? I sit puzzled thinking about why I allowed that to happen. I gave three chaotic busy months to running programs at my child's school. It amassed earnings of great numbers of which we granted over 1800.00 to our school and teachers not to mention $800 for the Reflection's Art Program and $1500.00 to the art docent program. Sounds like great accomplishments. What that doesn't tell is running lunch awards and programs for a month of Mondays from my phone to make sure students were recognized properly, all signs were created and designed by me, t shirts designed as well as created in conjunction with a graphic designer to get them in a vector file format three days before print, oh and run and pick up then sort them...and Reflections studios, a gallery and awards night. So I've volunteered on behalf of art in education for the better part of 3 months ignoring myself and my art. 

What's next? Regroup, reorganize, use what I have, take new classes. DLP back to a planner, all of the supplies which I have gathered from my stash and thrift stores. Woman unleashed, color me happy or something prompt and admin for the art exchange happy mail love Facebook group. My style has gone off the wall intuitive whatever I feel. I like to write and organize. Surprisingly I'm finding my love of baking to be appearing again. An art of its own, blueberry muffins from scratch, cranberry orange from the same batter both with streusel topping. Cinnamon rolls, pumpkin scones, apple pies, Santa cookies, mint chocolate cream cheese brownies, peanut butter balls, bananas foster spiced waffles. All of the random fun creation of tasty treats. Clearly I am dumping my crazy busy never ending energy from my brain to this page relaxing to get to sleep so that I may arise to continue my art adventure and journaling interests for 2016. 


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