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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time for Art

 I have created yet ANOTHER journal. If one doesn't feel right I just go to the next. In my crazy organization in my head I have to have journals for certain "subjects" to keep all the like things together and to see progression. For example a DLP Dylusions journal, a Canson Mandala journal, a sketch journal, another Strathmore whatever art catches my fancy journal, an office planner journal for art I want to try that I see others have created, and now THIS one. I was using my Dylusions journal and had picked up a 2nd one for half price at a local craft store.  Anyhow the ink I was using went through the spine into all the previous pages.  I used gesso and then was suggested to try without.. Bring in the new Dylusions journal. I did a new cover this time. Just what I felt not what I "Wanted" it to be in the first take. I wanted it to be whatever it came to be and this was it. This is my no mistakes no criticisms no limits journal. So the colors of my current day are turquoise and purple and I have hung on the attraction of those colors for awhile now. Blended acrylic paint in those colors. Then I have also discovered masking with vinyl. So I cut some circles and place them in random spots.  Oh, almost forgot and little white gesso ghosting of the honeycomb design down in the lower right hand corner. After the black circles were dry I placed a circles stencil over the top and only filled in the spots inside the circles. To me in the end it is abstractly similar to a butterfly wing perhaps. I blended oranges inside to make them pop and added a few black paint dots with the end of a paintbrush. Hi light with a dip of white gesso in a few of them..This brings me happiness when I look at it. That's what art is supposed to be right ???

Testing techniques for dylusions spray inks. Of cours this isn't an issue if you only drip color vertically from top to the bottom of a page, but of course I have to be different and do it my way. (stubborn artist) 
This is with White gesso on the seam over some washi tape..doesn't really bleed through, but it does leave the obvious white line breaking continuity. 

Don't get me wrong I LOVE this combination of yummy dylusions colors. Again with just washi, it seals the seam. However if you take it off you see a stark white empty line breaking continuity again. If I leave it I have obvious washi tape down the middle of my page. Oh well. Still pretty just not a solution yet. 

Different color combinations and just having fun. Some washi tape and honeycomb stencil in my of course current favorite colors.

I finally went back to the first page and started an unprompted feel as you go journal page. I had this little cupcake girl cutout and loved her, so I had to use it. I made the clouds with a scalloped paper template I cut and used different blues to make the stencil of cloud lines. What I figured out this time and is so easy, swirling gesso in circles with your fingers in those shapes makes perfect clouds. Now maybe you think you can't draw clouds, or paint them, but I bet you an finger paint in a circular motion. Try it! 

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