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Thursday, April 6, 2017

How Do You Fill your Art Dresser?

Since I posted all this as an informative in a group chat on FB, I figured why not make a show at tell post here.  This is my dresser. They top two levels are smaller drawers but deep and the bottom two are actually one drawer.
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The top drawers from left to right... I don't super organize. The are drawers I can grab what I need and shut them. No need to over organize. Left is all paint supplies, watercolors, tube watercolors, palettes, etc. Middle is my most used favorite supplies, neo colors, prismacolors, gelli plate, stuff like that. and the far right is my memory card, computer stuff spot

The second level is adhesives, tapes, glues, hot glue gun tape type stuff. The middle is art I rotate for decor from swaps and my own making, and the far is the "office" drawer: rubber bands, staples, pencils, school supplies.

 The bottom drawers are extra deep like a file cabinet. The left is ephemera organized in file folders, patterns, vintage clip art, book pages, rub ons,. The middle is my file drawer of page protectors, binders, altered composition notebooks, art projects. The last drawer is all my card stock. It all works since everything has its "spot". Hope this gives you insight. Side note I picked up this dresser from craigslist for $25! Already painted.

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