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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Utilizing my Patience with Art - Mad Hatter : Alice In Wonderland interpretive series

When it comes down to it, I got sucked into the mixed media monster and have enjoyed my time there. Not to say that I am leaving forever, but that I have just decided to step away from the online scene a bit and get back to my drawing roots. 

Journals upon endless spiraled drawing journals fill a shelf in my closet and I have really missed that part of my creating. Mixed media and collage have been fun and quick and easy for me, but I've found a new/old meditative and rewarding practice in creating something from my own interests. Starting with an idea, putting it onto paper with no guidance but my inner picture and skills I've acquired.  I've decided to put together my own series of Alice in Wonderland characters. One's that are original to my drawing style and reflect my abilities. No reference pics, no drawing from a picture, just what I see to create. 

First on the drawing pad is the Mad Hatter. I will preface this by saying the following disclaimer. **Yes, the Mad Hatter exists in many forms. Yes my drawing doesn't look like Johnny Depp, or any likeness to him, nor should it. That is NOT the point of this creation.** This is my interpretation using my inner ideas to create an original piece of work. I did reference a photograph purely to match colors**. 

Laying out on the lawn on a sunny weekend day. I drew the pencil sketch of this idea on my large Canson Mixed Media pad. So the size is roughly, NO, accurately 14x17". Pencil, Acrylic Paint, Black fine line permanent marker. The process of this project is simply the pictures. They speak for themselves. I rather enjoy tapping into my ability to have patience and must say this picture is a pride piece that I will hang on my wall at home. 
Drawn with white face and shading

I do have to say this shot just screams Clockwork Orange.

Velvety Hat

No Flash Natural Lighting


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