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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Random Accident Art

Random Accident Art. 
Sometimes I see things. I see art creations in everything I look at. A gift in art and a curse in the form of a brain than will never turn off. I have been swapping and making tags for at least the last 2 years. People always ask "What do you do with your tags?" I always had to have a reason to make them, like a swap, or a journal page, and now I just think,  "I don't make art for any reason other than to create something or bring to realization something I've imagined". 

I have these tags. Most of them are large in size around the 2.5 x 4" size. I've had them on my wall for about a year. They were all nicely clipped with clothes pins to a wire across the closet door. In need of change I took them down and instead of unclipping them they magically grouped together in what I would say is this hanging tag sculpture. More compact, but easy to view individually. 

Here's the fun Random Accident Art Part.
I created my first/second ribbon doll. I tend to get carried away with the amount of ribbon but I like the big puffy dresses look. I hand drew the face and body. The body is simply a tag with a wire top which I curled under the shirt and out to the sides with curled ends to create hands.  

Look Really Close. 
See my Ribbon Doll?
See the Art Tags?

Random Accident Art = Ribbon TAG Doll!!! 

I plan to collect my larger tags in groups like above and either create a body and head drawn from paper, or repurposing a baby doll from the thrift store. I LOVE the look! I just thought to myself..hmmm. "Well that did not take any thought at all, pure happy coincidence of hanging up the ribbon doll on the same hook as a gaggle or ribbons! 

I can't wait to really make one. I'll share when I do. If you create a tag doll, please share with us here!


  1. Love this! And now I will have to make one! I love happy accidents :-)

  2. Thank you Nina! I may actually set up a swap in this design :)


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