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Kim Lucas Designs  ~ Infused Creativity
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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Out of my comfort zone

Gesso, scrape paint, spray, glue, journal repeat. You get stuck in a certain style or follow a trend, but there are always fall back styles that are predominant in your work. It may be all bright colors, or always have a vintage feel, a whimsical drawing. Learning new techniques is easy to do by watching you tube videos or taking classes from a variety of artists.  Sometimes its nice just to challenge yourself and make art without thinking. Even if it's not "your style". Your style is defined by everything you create.

I create some artistic piece every day, even if it is just gluing and painting. Mostly in a journal, and sometimes a mixed media tablet. I am challenged by non matching colors, by layers upon layers including collage, cut papers and ephemera, and then the idea of covering some of it up with gesso or paint to give the design depth. Instead of starting with a couple matching colors, I swiped many small sections in many colors. I sprayed the page with water first to help the colors spread and blend. I chose to use colors that would usually make me cringe including a soft pink, dark blue and red. I dripped some Dylusions spray inks in purple and blue.  I was completely reorganizing my art room and came across some great happy mail which I glued onto the page as I painted it.  I cut up an envelope which had all of the circles on it, I also utilized music paper, text pages, and gelli prints.  Gelli prints were used as both prints glued on and pieces cut up into shapes like the green pieces cut on the left page.

I always struggle with covering up a brightly beautiful background. So this was a super challenge, but I managed to move past it. If you had asked me if I'd ever create anything like this before It would have been a definite answer "No".   However, it's a new starting point to bounce mixed media ideas from. It is far from complete, but I have already accomplished a sense of depth and interest with all of the colors and collaged bits I've started with. It was fun to try and I love it! I am having so much fun, and isn't that what its all about anyways?

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