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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sugar Skulls Sunday Funday Art

I found a fun tutorial on pinterest ...NO WAY!!!  (sarcasm...that's my word of the day) in the blog ".  Every Day is a Holiday  CHECK IT OUT..seriously cool and full of ideas.  It is a Mixed Media art journal project from a magazine page. Not just any mixed media magazine page BUT a...

 Sugar Skull Magazine Mixed Media Tutorial
First off, I have to say I've never done one of these, and it so fun to create on the fly!

My page smelled really good like the magazine perfume..kinda fun! This was with her hair and my main painting.
After you gesso the face of person leaving the eyes and ability to see the mouth and is soooo fun to paint on magazine pages because of the texture. I painted and added all my details and cut it out. I used all scrappy under papers or extra random pieces I already had on hand.  I cut out the little flower shapes and nothing a little sharpie and charcoal shadowing can't handle and voila! Probably the most mixed of media pieces I have ever created. And today it's my favorite but then it's only 10:15 am.

I cut off all her hair and the extra magazine page. This is my under paper.

I traced around all my "flowers" which were really cut up blobs of paper with sharpie.

I added the butterfly sticker..I did NOT make it :)  Shaded and Done.

Now only if it were 500% smaller it would be a really great ATC! I also gessoed her nose a couple times to make the placement what I wanted it to be.  Once the eyes are darkened the angle and spacing get a little funky..but hey. I love her just the same!

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